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2023 Edition.png

2023: A Resounding Success

The 2023 edition of the Tamarindo International Surf Film Festival was unparalleled, showcasing a stellar lineup of award-winning films that captured hearts and sparked imagination. As our festival continues to evolve, it stands as a singular platform that allows creativity and innovation to flourish.

This year's festival marked a monumental milestone, becoming our largest celebration to date! It brought together contemporary surf culture, showcasing the finest surf films worldwide. Each movie in our meticulously curated selection was a premiere intended to inspire, excite, and entertain, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the surf film genre. 

2022 Edition.png

2022: The Year

of Waiting

In 2022, our primary focus was preparing for a triumphant return. TRIO Tamarindo, our prospective venue, was under construction, prompting us to meticulously organize the festival. This pivotal period aimed to reignite connections within our vibrant TISFF community while expressing sincere gratitude to our sponsors, esteemed filmmakers, and revered pro-surfers. Throughout this phase, we extended profound thanks to our principal supporter, The Florida International Surf Film Festival. Their unwavering support, resources, and expertise were instrumental in advancing our festival's journey. TRIO Tamarindo, while anticipated as our venue, was in the construction phase, signifying an optimistic step forward.

2020 Edition.png

2020: Second Edition of TISFF / The Pandemic

During our 2020 festival's opening night on March 13th, the Costa Rican Ministry of Health abruptly canceled the Tamarindo International Surf Film Festival due to the escalating COVID-19 pandemic. This decision disrupted the arrival of esteemed guests like Chris Bertish, compelling us to swiftly dismantle the event and assist stranded visitors until their safe departure. Tamarindo, nestled within Las Baulas National Park, faced the immediate economic fallout as a tourism-driven locale. The abrupt closure left businesses unprepared, employees unsupported, and families struggling.

2021 Edition.png

2021: Adapting

Amidst Change

As the "Tamarindo Cinema Complex" shuttered due to pandemic-induced bankruptcy, our festival navigated a transformative period, seeking a new venue while adapting logistics. Costa Rica's gradual reopening in March 2021 marked a turning point. During this time, our collaboration with CEPIA endured, redirecting efforts to uplift women in low-income brackets as artisans and entrepreneurs, fostering community support systems in Guanacaste. Initiatives like "GuanaHuertas" and through collaboration with the TV show The Fixers, CEPIA embarked on revamping the Community Center in San Jose de Pinilla.

2019 Edition.png

In our first Tamarindo International Surf Film Festival, we celebrated the essence of ocean-bound lives. Surfers, industry figures, filmmakers, and ocean enthusiasts united to honor wave-riding and storytelling through film. Dialogues bridged innovation and reverence for surfing's legacy, forging connections across the global surf community. This inaugural festival was a collaborative marvel - volunteers, the Master of Ceremonies, and the welcome committee contributed to its success. We were honored to host Jeff Zimbalist, director of "Momentum Generation"; for an unforgettable debut. It was an impactful fundraiser for CEPIA Costa Rica, offering underprivileged children their first theater experience. Before the festival, the children from CEPIA painted their visions of surfing, showcasing remarkable talent and imagination. Their artwork reflected the spirit of surfing, a testament to the festival's ability to inspire creativity.

2019: Our First Festival

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