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Our First Festival


In the heart of the Tamarindo International Surf Film Festival, we unveiled the jubilant essence of lives intertwined with the rhythm of the ocean. It was a gathering infused with human connection, where narratives mingled effortlessly, and even on dry land, our conversations danced around the waves. Surfers, trailblazers from the industry, filmmakers, and ocean enthusiasts converged honoring the exquisite artistry of wave riding and storytelling through film. Our dialogues navigated innovation while paying homage to the storied past embedded in surfing's legacy. It was a coming together that spun fresh connections, knitting a vibrant tapestry across the global surf community.

We wove together a narrative that echoed the sheer exuberance of surfing, sculpting a space where tales mingled with creativity. The Tamarindo International Surf Film Festival wasn't just an event; it was a love song to the ocean's allure, a symphony that stirred inspiration and fostered a myriad of connections flowing like the tides, transcending boundaries far beyond the waters. Our maiden festival was a breathtaking journey - an orchestra of collaboration, volunteers, the vibrant Master of Ceremonies, and the warmth of our welcome committee. With the presence of luminaries like Jeff Zimbalist, director of "Momentum Generation"; an HBO and Robert Redford production, our debut was nothing short of epic. The theater was alive, sold out with eager souls. It was an incredible fundraiser for Cepia Costa Rica, a cause close to our hearts. The children of Cepia experienced the magic of a movie theater for the first time. Their wide-eyed wonder at the grand images on the screen, paired with organic popcorn and ice cream, was truly touching. Before the festival, in an art class, these young minds painted what surfing meant to them, revealing astounding talent and imagination across ages 6 to 15. Their creations echoed the spirit of surfing, a testament to the festival's ability to ignite creativity and touch lives.

  • Veteran surfers Danny DiMauro and Tin Ojeda parody Montauk's new long-boarding craze in this light-hearted short in which 'kooks'—clumsy surfers new to the sport—are captured on 16mm.

    Producer/Filmmaker: Danny DiMauro and Tin Ojeda

  • Life off tour hasn’t slowed down much for Taj. A few months after we left him from our adventures down the coast of WA for the Australia Part, he hit us up to let us know he had chased a swell to the Mentawais on a last minute whim and got the best HT’s and Macaronis he’d ever had. It was a solo mission and luckily our friend Dav @fox_in_soks was on hand to jump in and document the adventure. It wasn’t a big team trip, no photoshoots, no schedule to adhere to, no expectations…just an old fashioned strike mission.

    Producer/Filmmaker: Joe G

  • “Aloha Brother” is a progressive surf movie filled with some of Hawaii’s most talented and influential wave riders.

    Producer/Filmmaker: Sam Sykes

  • Short Film

    Producer/Filmmaker: Matt Payne, Octopus

  • Short Film

    Producer/Filmmaker: Marcel Freitez

  • In the 1990s a group of fresh faced teens, including Kelly Slater, Rob Machado, Shane Dorian, Taylor Knox, Benji Weatherley, Kalani Robb, Ross Williams, Taylor Steele, and Pat O’Connell,  drifted together in a small house overlooking Pipeline, on the North Shore of Oahu. Fired by an explosive cocktail of camaraderie and deep-seated competitiveness, this tight knit crew pushed each other to levels of performance previously unseen in surf culture.

    Producer/Filmmaker: Mike and Jeff Zimbalist

  • The latest of the "Brainwork" series dives deep into the day to day rituals of Adam Replogle. Years after his days on the wct Adam describes surfing as "his religion" and is excited anytime he gets a chance to go in the ocean. Adam is a father of 2 girls and has made the transition from pro surfer to Billabong employee. These are his current thoughts, quirks and views on life. 

    Producer/Filmmaker: Kyle Buthman

  • A journey in search of adventures, unexplored shores, empty waves in the mediterranean most secluded places living with almost zero carbon footprint. This is a surf-film about our small Ocean, the cradle of civilization and a reflection on living a simple lifestyle in symbiosis with nature. The boats together with the Onde Nostre Crew traveled the Mediterranean Sea following Ulisse's journey with surfers, sailors, free divers, musicians, artists.

    Producer/Filmmaker: Luca Merli

  • Lisa Andersen is one of surfing’s few transcendent stars. 4x world champ and inductee into the Surfer Hall of Fame, she is a true surf icon. But this is not a story about surfing. It’s the story of a woman brave enough to be vulnerable.


    Andersen discovered surfing when she was 13, though it was not what her parents wanted. They felt the beach was dangerous. Lisa did nothing to ease their concerns and eventually wound up in juvenile hall. Her father smashed her surfboard, so Lisa hatched an escape plan. She decided to go to Huntington Beach, leaving a note behind that read, “Going to California to become world surfing champion.” She was homeless before being taken in by an abusive local. Unlucky in relationships, she was abused often, and had to runaway time and again.

    Producer/Filmmaker: Chas Smith

  • The third installment of CULT OF FREEDOM takes us to the North Island of New Zealand with Creed McTaggart, Dion Agius, and Nate Tyler. The boys spent a good portion of the trip dodging wind and rain and shooting a slingshot, but ended up stumbling upon a few out of the way spots that delivered really fun surf in a dreamlike location.

    Producer/Filmmaker: Joe G.

  • Tan ("time" in Creole, "fire" in Breton) tells the story of Robin Goffinet, a passionate surfer who settled in Finistère to manufacture durable, high-performance surfboards. A lifestyle choice. A chosen rhythm.

    Producer/Filmmaker: Alena Ehrenbold

  • A professional surf photographer chases down the largest surf ever seen in hopes of capturing a once in a lifetime image. What he receives is much more than that.

    Producer/Filmmaker: Brent Storm

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