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& Raffle

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General admission

Access for 1 day to attend Film Festival Screening​

​Includes 1 raffle ticket to win a surfboard.

$20 or 10,000 col.

Children admission

(12 and under)

Access for 1 day to attend Film Festival Screening​

​Includes 1 raffle ticket to win a surfboard.

$10 or 5,000 col.

Weekend Pass

Access for 2 day to attend Film Festival Screening​

​Includes 2 raffle ticket to win a surfboard.

$37 or 19,000 col.

VIP entry

Access for 1 day to attend Film Festival Screening​

Dinner, welcome drink, gift bag

Exclusive access to VIP Lounge

Priority access to Main Theatre

​Includes 1 raffle ticket to win a surfboard.

$70 or 36,000 col.

You can also buy your ticket in the following locations: Surfbox Flamingo, Cafeseato Huacas, Frijoles Locos Playa Grande, The Bookstore of the Waves Tamarindo and Cheboards.


Exclusive Raffle!

We continue the festival tradition with our highly anticipated raffle, offering a unique selection of sports and luxury items, adventurous experiences and exquisite home and fashion products. After each feature film, excitement grows with the opportunity to win exceptional prizes, such as customized surfboards from CHEBOARDS ($1200 each), a vintage electric bike from BEACHMAN Bikes ($6000) and an unforgettable trip on one of the most luxurious Catamaran PLAYGROUNDS ($2500).


Join us for another round of thrilling moments at the festival. You can purchase extra raffle tickets during the event. Don’t miss out!

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Film Line Up


  • Animation: 2 minutes

    In this captivating two-minute animation, "ephemeral," witness the delicate dance of a surfer with the ocean's fleeting beauty and formidable strength. The film gracefully captures the transient yet profound connection between strength and tranquility, offering a visual celebration of the present moment within the animated waves.

    Directed by Nisrine Oulalite, France

  • Short Film: 11 minutes

    Jonathan Melendres “El gordo” embarks on a journey to cabo del este accompanied by his friends. They are in search of waves and something more; the fullness of the sea and connection with nature.

    Directed by Alejandro Mairotena, Mexico

  • Short Film: 16 minutes

    "Malia" takes viewers on an exhilarating journey with professional surfer Malia Manuel. From her favorite surf spots worldwide to new waves she's dreamed of, the film captures the essence of passion, exploration, and the indomitable spirit of a surfer chasing waves around the globe. Join Malia from Tahiti to indonesia, south Africa to France, Spain, back to Tahiti, and concluding with a sublime winter on her home island of Kaua'i. "Malia" is a visual celebration of surfing, adventure, and the love for the ocean. 

    Directed by Morgan Maassen, Hawaiian

  • Short Film: 12 minutes

    Stoker machine is an award winning animated surf documentary. Chad Campbell, an expert surfer discovers a mysterious surfboard on the big island of Hawaii. The retro board provides only a phone number and an email address as clues to its origin, leading chad to accidentally uncover a central-coast california surf legend. The man they call, "stoker". Stoker machine puts you in the ocean and shares a folklore, capturing the spirit of stoke through surf cinematography and unique, colorful hand-drawn animation. Discover the magical and sometimes funny relationship between surfer and surfboard.

    Directed by Derieus Legg, English

  • Feature Film: 90 minutes

    The film follows surfers Letty Mortensen and Fraser Dovell as they peer behind the iron curtain to discover volcanic cold-water slabs, Mi-8 helicopters, frozen campsites, and frozen bank accounts. This travelogue was almost over before it began with the Russian invasion of Ukraine creating roadblock.

    Directed by Spencer Frost & Guy Williment, English


  • Short Film: 4 minutes

    One tale of many from the story bag of legendary rock art, surf cartoonist and surrealist Rick Griffin. Narrated by griffin himself, interlude 01 portrays a magic-realist journey from the Texas badlands to california's point conception as seen through John Severson's lost 1970 classic pacific vibrations.

    Directed/Producers Dave Tourjé & Steve Barilotti

  • Short Film: 24 minutes

    Vinicius follows the untold story of Brazilian big wave surfer, Vini dos santos, who allegedly surfed a 97-foot wave in Nazaré in 2022. From the shores of brazil to the giant waves of Portugal, Vini recounts his surfing journey, the challenges, the injuries and the accomplishments that all lead up to the moment he would catch the biggest wave of his life.

    Directed by Ack Kaminski, Mark Duncan, Portugal

  • Short Film: 19 minutes

    Winter swells, thundering waves, sharp reefs, paddling larger waves with guns, and the struggle and joy that comes with all of that. Fifth tide shows the life of two women during the rough Portuguese winter season. It shows their connection to the ocean, waves, and nature, and how they found sisterhood through all of this.

    Directed by Lena Kemna & Christina Gindl, Portugal

  • Feature Film: 91 minutes

    The road to patagonia" unfolds as a breathtaking documentary, intertwining love letters shared between two individuals and the profound connection between humanity and the earth. Matty Hannon's solo motorbike journey along the americas takes an unexpected turn in the wilderness, leading to a chance encounter with heather hillier. Their decision to ride together, initially on motorcycles and later on horseback, brings encounters with zapatista rebels, amazonian shamans, and mapuche leaders, prompting deep existential questions. The absence of a camera crew enhances the film's authenticity, capturing human moments during their world-first expedition. Shot over 16 years, this visually stunning odyssey serves as an adventurous exposé on our relationship with the more-than-human world, offering both a physical and spiritual journey to understand our place in nature.

    Directed by Matty Hannon, English


The Venue

Trio Tamarindo, the gracious host of the Tamarindo International Surf Film Festival (TISFF), is an exceptional venue that captivates with its fusion of modern elegance and Tamarindo's inherent charm. Strategically located in the heart of Tamarindo, the venue is a versatile space, thoughtfully designed to accommodate up to 600 people at night. It goes beyond being a high-end restaurant and lounge bar to become a dynamic event space, featuring cutting-edge technology and a captivating stage. As the Festival's primary venue, Trio Tamarindo generously donates its space, providing the perfect setting for cinematic celebrations under the stars.

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